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Aprille speaks on Unbroken Resilience...

Unbroken Resilience was birthed from Chapter 3 in Aprille's memoir! The Combo brings the entire journey to life!

In 1996, when I was raped, I never thought I would be doing this. Any of it. My memoir, Confessions of an Independent Woman: Truth, Lies & Relationships wasn’t a thought during that time and I sure wasn’t thinking of producing a movie!

Truthfully, I thought I was dammed. Then as life went on, I learned I wasn’t and that I while I didn’t have control of the past, I did have control over my future. I learned where one of us is weak or down – it’s the stretching of those before us that breathes new life into those in need. I was once in need, now I am breathing life into others and I hope you’ll join me. This isn't about rape. It's about the bounce back that so many women have to have in ANY trauma or pitfall life throws at us.

Imagine this: Being 19 years old and hopeful about the world and how you’d grow up to do the things you’ve been wanting to since childhood….only to have the most intimate piece of you stolen like a thief in the night. Imagine all of your naivety being painted over with tar and the purity of your thoughts about the world, warped. Imagine being deceived and manipulated by someone you want to trust. Imagine drowning or burning in a fire – or being on the brink of ending it all.

This film is about RESILIENCY.

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