The Tribe Effect - Replay Edition

Got Products, a Brand & a Title but NO CLIENTS?

Build Your Tribe + Amplify Your Momentum in The Tribe Effect with Master Coach Aprille

"The Tribe Effect is one of the most intensive yet comprehensive fool proof trainings I’ve ever taken in a short period of time. Very effective!" - Tershant Smith

Program Outline + Details

  • Training #1 Approx. 2.5 hours - Focus on Culture, Language and Product Creation/Refining - How Will You Get Paid
  • Training #2 - Approx. 2.5 hours - Tribe Mentality, Activation & Social Strategies for Multiple Platforms

You'll also learn:

  • Aprille's planning secrets starting with Day 0 - Activation Planning Day
  • What the "Activation" period is and how to turn it on anytime
  • Aprille's Social Media Activation Grid
  • Copies of all of the slides

How Did Past TRIBE EFFECT Students Rate Themselves?

Jasmin Johnson Murphy

A! I am proud to say that after two years of sitting on it I am confident and know exactly what I am doing, know who I am serving, know what they want/need, and am releasing it next week.

I have been very intentional about moving forward with what you taught and can I say game changer?! I have been pouring hours into what I wanted to be my business but was really just an expensive hobby for almost 3 years. Had all the trainings, had multiple products created and was still STUCK. After the Tribe Effect I have gone viral 3 times, was just featured on an MTV subsidiary page, grew my following by 40k ACTIVE ENGAGED community members, and the biggest win out of all of this is that I finally started my launch process and have SOLD SEATS TO 2 DIFFERENT PROGRAMS in just 2 days!!! This is the first time any of my own products have brought in any income for me. I literally looked at the stripe notification and cried! The Tribe Effect is everything!!!

Precious Brown

A+ if I must say so myself! I gave it 110%. I have been stretched, pushed through, cried, quit and then realized I’m my only obstacle. I just keep hearing you say this #%^* ain’t hard or just do what I told you to do and then I keep it moving LBVS!

Felisa Kaye Cargile

B. I must say before TTF I was stuck going in different directions listening to everything that I thought was best for my brand. I had to learn a lot starting with DropBox, What is that? But I completed that task. I am so glad to say that I have accomplished a lot in these 21 days. I completed my target audience worksheet (I know who I am talking to now), ConvertKit squeeze page, sales page, email sequence, 5 step audio program Thinkific, FB group. TTF have really made step out of my comfort zone (head). No more overthinking things it’s time to just Do The Work. “I can see clearly (clarity) now the rain 🌧 is gone”

*This is a replay of the LIVE training. This offer does not include the 21 days as this is a replay.

You'll get 2 PDF and 1 XLSX

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