The Influencer Playbook (Limited Offer)

Join over 1000+ CEO influencers who have grown their audiences, increased their visibility and landed MORE sales because they know:

  1. How to create a BRAND culture
  2. Who their audience is
  3. What their audience wants
  4. How to attach them
  5. What type of social content creates a FRENZY
  6. What to offer that will sell
  7. How to pitch it and in what order
  8. How to leverage Facebook groups
  9. How to convert social media followers, like and subscribers to SALES
  10. What actions to take NEXT

By taking advantage of my digital library you can also leverage these proven strategies in less than ONE DAY!

Gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to 13+ hours of training after your $399 Investment.

Here's what's included:

#1 - The Tribe Effect: This includes 3-4 hours of content to teach you exactly how to build your Tribe and Amplify your momentum. It Speaks to the culture. This will help you:

  • Grow your Tribe
  • Focus on Culture of your tribe
  • How to Create & Refine your Language & Product
  • Understand your offerings and your audience
  • Build more leads
  • Grow your Facebook group
  • Providing transformation for your followers
  • Bonus included: Social Grid

"The Tribe Effect is one of the most intensive yet comprehensive fool proof trainings I’ve ever taken in a short period of time. Very effective!" - Tershant Smith

#2 - PITCH To Sell More

  • Top 5 Closing Techniques that will change how you view and facilitate enrollment conversations
  • How to overcome objections and not seem like you aren't an slime ball
  • Sale Scripts for closing DISCOVERY or FREE Sessions + group coaching programs over the phone - know what to say and when
  • Sales Presentation Offer Slides (Templates) - making it easy for you to add your OFFER SLIDES to your training/content presentation for LIVE or Virtual events
  • Live Pitch Demonstration to show you what it actually looks like to pitch a product

Special Guest: Dave Vanhoose, Speaking Empire
Multi -Million Dollar Sales Trainer

"Now that I have had the opportunity to go over it and craft the sample pitch specifically to whoever I may be speaking with, it has been tremendous. My energy feels different and I can tell the difference between my efforts versus using the script. My bank account can as well." - James Valentine

#3 - 8K Playbook Launch for Profits Intensive:

  • The formula to generate 8k per month
  • Manage your revenue streams
  • Create consistent revenue
  • Product clarity & strategy
  • Residual , Repeatable and Sustainable strategies

Bonus: Facebook Bootcamp: Community, Conversions & Coins

Training 1

  • Best names for your group based on search features
  • Setting clear group objectives to meet your influencer goals
  • Why your FB business page can help you TODAY no matter how many fans you have
  • How to leverage FB Live to 3x your membership base
  • Best practices to actually manage your group + how to find a good wingman

Training 2

  • Best lead magnets to retain members
  • The difference between building direct and indirect leads
  • How to increase engagement by 135% with this one strategy
  • Best CTA's (Call-to-actions) for group
  • How to get out of the "Motivation" post trap

Training 3

  • How to sell x10 more with your group
  • What to say and how to set up the sale of ANY offering
  • High converting probing techniques to determine best offers
  • Prime group functions to use to garner sign ups to your products (both free and paid)
  • Best times and frequency to pitch products/service

*There are NO live components or groups to join with any of these training's.

You'll get 1 PDF and 1 DOCX

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