Speak To Get Paid Bootcamp

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn in our 2 Hour Bootcamp - all NEW content!

  • Five 6-figure presentation strategies to avoid the "Pretty Woman Syndrome" - yes, you want your audience to feel good, but not just for the moment - your talk needs to CONVERT!!
  • How and where to connect with Thought Leaders and Influencers who need you to speak for them.
  • How to book yourself with organizations that are willing to pay your fees and have event planners contacting you back.
  • Waving your fee? How to help the event organizer cover your travel - what to say and how.
  • Speaking of fees, we'll also cover how to set your rates for various opportunities.
  • The art of "seeding" your offer (solution) from "non-selling" stages to leverage your speaking experience and remain connected to the audience.
  • How to avoid loosing a booking because youdon't know what to say once you get a decision makers attention - Aprille's 10-point speaker booking script.
  • You get booked but you don't have a grid lock celebrity type contract or rider - You'll get access to my Speaker Contract + Rider Template for your professional use.
  • 3 negotiation tactics the get what you want and give the event planner what they want so you both win - no more getting the gig with no fee because you don't know how to ask.

You'll get 1 TXT, 2 DOCX, 1 M4A, 2 PDF, 1 DOC and 1 MP4

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