Planning for Profits: Virtual Intensive REWIND


I know what's it's like to be in a state of confusion with tons of notes, programs and social distractions to keep you from the one thing that your business must have to survive. PROFITS. Slice it any way you want too, you must plan to make money if you're going to be in business.

Let's Plan It: Every year I get a jump on the new year by planning in advance. Planning what will be launched and when. How to make more impact and what's happening now! How much money it will cost us to meet our goals and how much revenue/profits will we project to generate in our business!

For two hours I will teach you as you work the the worksheets and your own planning materials to help set you up for success.

Who this is NOT for:

  1. Anyone who doesn't know what type of business they want.
  2. Anyone who is meeting their current monthly financially goals over the past 12 months
  3. Anyone who thinks they know it all and thinks plans don't work.

Who this IS for:

  1. Anyone looking to plan for consistent revenue
  2. Anyone looking for guidance in their launch cycles
  3. Anyone tired of claiming a new year then ending it the same way it started
  4. Anyone looking to elevate their game and skip the January planners!

*This is a replay training. All materials and training is available upon purchase.

You'll get 5 DOCX and 1 XLSX

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