Live Streaming for Profits: Virtual Intensive

Gain Visibility.Increase Influence.Predict Profits

With Master Coach Aprille Franks-Hunt and Success Coach

During this 2 Hour Training You Will Learn:

  1. Why Live Streaming is Here to Stay and How You Can Increase Profits in Your Business!
  2. 4 Ninja Tips That Are Sure to Glam Up Your Live Streaming Experience.
  3. How to Identify, Set & Measure Goals for Streaming - get a ROB (Return on Broadcast)!
  4. The Pros and Cons of DIY Streaming vs Hiring a Production Team.
  5. How To Format your Stream for flow, ease and profits.
  6. Why Having a Call to Action(CTA) is a Major Key to Increase Profits and 3 Types of CTA's to grow your TRIBE.
  7. The Importance of Incorportating Live Streaming into Your Marketing Campaign .
  8. Best Types of Content to share and Products to SELL via Livestreaming in your industry.
  9. TOP Tools to Run Your Streams Like a Pro, on a shoe-string budget!
  10. How to Create Your Own Talk Show online

You'll get 1 MP4

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