8K per month with Memberships Playbook

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Today's the day!! Grab this 8K Playbook Virtual 2.5 hour Intensive where you are going to learn how to create $8,000 per month in your business with ONE strategy!

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

  • How to increase your revenue by building and maintaining a solid tribe.
  • Learn how to welcome new members and connect them with your vet members to increase retention.
  • Create less barriers and more opportunities for your tribe members and increase entry into your tribe.
  • Learn how to clear the confusion and create consistent positive cash flow in your business and make some PROFITS!
  • Get rid of the confusion, learn how to create a focus on a singular, campaign mission for your business.

Who this is for:

  1. Anyone looking to plan for consistent revenue
  2. Anyone looking for guidance on growing and maintaining their tribe.
  3. Anyone tired of claiming a new year then ending it the same way it started
  4. Anyone looking to elevate their game and increase Profits!

*This is a replay training. All materials and training is available upon purchase.

1 MP4 and 1 PDF